If you want to make sure every cup of coffee you serve is perfect, even during your busiest periods, then this pioneering liquid roast coffee from Douwe Egberts is made for you.

rnWithin 24 hours of being picked, our master blenders have taken the best coffee beans and turned them into frozen liquid coffee to ensure the freshest tasting cups.rnrnServed from cutting edge barista machines that can deliver a delicious cappuccino in 12 seconds, Douwe Egberts liquid roast coffee is ideal for busy venues.

Our Ranges


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Cafitesse Range

Our Cafitesse offering includes coffee blends, hot chocolate, milk and tea.
  • Cacao Fantasy

    2 Litre

    Cacao Fantasy offers a rich, milk-chocolate taste and a good balance of sweetness. Simply a deliciously creamy cup of hot chocolate and the perfect base for a mocha.

  • Cafe Milc

    2 Litre 0.75 litre

    Café Milc is the perfect match for all Cafitesse blends. Saves storage space with ambient and concentrated format (1 pack of 2L serves 100 cappuccinos). The unique refill system creates ease of use while saving time on cleaning.

  • Pickwick Assam Tea

    2 Litre

    Pickwick English tea blend is rich in taste and aroma. A delicious tea to wake up to and enjoy throughout the day.

  • Decaf Roast

    1.25 Litre

    This taste profile is a favourite for consumers who prefer delicate and mild coffees with a crisp, fresh, soft fruity and malty flavour profile. It has all the flavour traditionally found in a medium roast but without the caffeine.
    Intensity Rating: 5/10

  • Intense Roast

    2 Litre 1.25 litre

    An intense, full-bodied 100% UTZ Certified blend of Arabica with rich notes of caramel and dark chocolate, complemented by a soft fruitiness. Perfectly tailored for those who prefer strong coffee or espresso-style drinks with milk. Intensity rating: 8/10

  • Medium Roast

    2 Litre | 1.25 Litre

    Well-rounded with a medium body and soft notes of fruit and grain, with a slightly roasty aftertaste. An ideal blend for those who enjoy a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or black coffee.
    Intensity rating 5/10

  • Strong Roast

    2 Litre | 1.25 litre

    A robust, full-bodied blend with a smoky, woody character enriched with spicy nuances. Perfect for making milky, espresso-style drinks such as a latte, cappuccino, or macchiato. Intensity rating: 9/10


Excellence Touch

Coffee and Milk

2L + 1.25L
0.75L + 2L

Brewing time

7 seconds
14 seconds
30 seconds (0.9L)
Up to 600 (Using phase 3)

Energy and waste

230V / 230V 13A, 3 Phase 16A + n
Mains potable
6 minutes per week


(W) x 692(H) x 524(D)mm
480(W) x 792(H) x 624(D)mm

Quantum Range

For black coffee occasions, with high performance and energy efficient machines, perfect for high volume demand.

Our Quantum Machines

Quantum one

Coffee and Milk

Brewing time

Energy and waste


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