Picking the best beans for your business, guests and customers can be complex. The Douwe Egberts’ seal and signature are your assurance of the high quality and standards in our products, our equipment and our support.  

All Douwe Egberts’ coffee beans are the result of more than 265 years of expertise from past and present master roasters. Only the finest coffee beans are selected, precision blended and then slow roasted to produce the exceptional flavour of all our espresso blends.


The Piazza D’Oro coffee blends utilise premium and exotic coffee beans, each with its own unique set of flavours, aromas and characteristics, to excite and inspire.


Blend No.1 is a distinctively bold and dark roasted coffee. The expertly blended 100% Arabica, UTZ certified, coffee beans have notes of dark chocolate and crisp red berries.

Douwe Egberts Espresso Range

Our Douwe Egberts espresso range includes Piazza Doro, White Ox, Extra Dark and Decaf.
  • Douwe Egberts Extra Dark


    The long, dark roasting process and blend composition give the coffee a strong, powerful and intense flavour, with a somewhat sweet, spicy after taste. It is perfect for Ristretto and Espresso, providing an ideal base for specialty drinks such as Cappuccino or Macchiato. Flavour profile – Smooth and Powerful.

  • Douwe Egberts Decaf


    Dark Roast Decaffeinated Espresso consists of mainly Arabica and a minor part of Robusta coffee beans, from which the naturally present caffeine has been removed. It is perfect for an espresso and makes a delicious, full-flavoured Cappuccino or Cafe Latte.

  • White Ox


    Distinctively bold and dark roasted 100% Arabica coffee. Expertly blended with notes of dark chocolate and crisp red berries. Perfect for an intense espresso to a smooth, aromatic cappuccino or iced latte.

  • Piazza Doro Intenso


    This dark roasted blend has an intense flavour characterised with hints of black pepper, nutmeg and cedar. Strength 9.

  • Piazza Doro Dolce


    Elegant and exceptionally well-balanced coffee blend. Initially, fresh green notes give way to a sweet fragrance of sun-dried apricots ending with roasted peanuts. A smooth, velvety coffee, ideal for your daily lungo, americano or to cut through milk-based cappuccino and latte. Strength 4.

  • Piazza Doro Forza


    Indulgently full-flavoured coffee blend with taste notes of dark chocolate balanced with rich toffee. Ideal for a ristretto or espresso and to create milk-based coffees like cappuccino, latte or macchiato. Strength 6.

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