Post mix equipment

Combine the biggest brands with our sales-driving range of Vimto fonts and unique towers that can dispense still and carbonated products.

All our equipment is free-on-loan and comes with industry leading service that includes a 24hr call centre, local technical support, preventative maintenance and specialist Vimto engineers.


Our range of fonts put your brands centre-stage whilst minimising space taken up on the bar. We offer something for all outlets; whether a playful ball font, a premium Spear font or a more subtle Vimto font. All fonts integrate with the Vimto Dispense Gun onto which you can add 8 drinks.


For outlets where soft drinks are a more prominent feature, or for self-serve outlets, we have a wide range of branded over-the-counter dispense towers. These towers each serve up to 6 products, fizzy or still, and can be branded according to product mix.

Like the look of our brands for your business? We’d love to talk.