We have put together a list of FAQ’s, to help get your Freezer equipment up
and running again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My slush product will not freeze during work hours/only during part of the day or night.

    The freezer is fitted with a timer which switches the equipment to ‘Sleep Mode’ when not in use.

    The above symptoms indicate that the time clock is set incorrectly. The most common cause is that the power to the machine has been turned off for a period of time.

    If the time clock on your machine is visible and accessible you can reset the time clock as shown here.

    If the clock is not visible, or, you are not sure if it is set correctly then please contact us for support.

    Please always remember that the freezer must be kept powered and switched on 24 hours a day to ensure the timer remains at the correct time.

  • How should I best store my Starslush/Slurp product?

    We recommend that unopened Starslush or Slurp product should be stored at ambient temperature, way from direct sunlight and strong odours or chemicals.

  • My Slurp product is Light and Frothy and Difficult to pour

    Has the product level been allowed to fall below the “minimum” level indicated on the mixing bowl?

    If so, these symptoms indicate that the level of product has been below the ‘Minimum’ level for some time. When the product is below the minimum level the auger will fold air into the product. After a short period of time, the air in the product will build up and the product will begin to turn into froth.

    If this happens, please follow the below steps:

    1. Empty the mixing bowl and discard the mixture.
    2. Clean and sanitize the freezer bowl’s by following the cleaning and sanitizing guidance here
    3. Refill the bowl with fresh Slurp product, ensuring that the product level stays above the ‘Minimum’ level at all times.

    Please note: Product which has turned to froth cannot be re-used and must be discarded. Do not refill with new product when the tanks are frothy as this will not rectify the problem but only waste product as this will need to be discarded.

  • My Slush machine is leaking, what do I do?

    Is the liquid dripping into the trays clear or syrup-coloured?

    Clear water dripping into the drip trays is normal, this is condensation caused by warm moist air hitting the cold sides of the bowls. In particularly moist atmospheres such as bakeries or swimming pools, the drip trays may need to be emptied once or twice a day.

    If there is Syrup-coloured liquid dripping into the drip trays – Check that the rear seal at the back of
    the bowl is fitted correctly and secured all the way around the bowl. Pay particular attention to the
    bottom of the seal underneath the bowl. You may need to empty the bowl and remove it, so that
    you can refit the seal correctly, as shown here.

  • My frozen product will not freeze but the augers are turning and the machine feels hot.

    The freezer requires adequate airflow on all sides, to ensure efficient operation. A minimum gap of
    150mm on all sides of the freezer is essential to prevent overheating. Please take care to ensure that
    nothing is obstructing the grill plate and the machine is away from direct heat sources.

    If the above is all correct then the symptoms indicate that the freezer is overheating due to poor or restricted airflow, please call for support for advice on how to improve the flow of air.

  • My freezer is not working, not freezing, augers not turning or there is no fan noise.

    Check the freezer is plugged into the power supply and the power is switched on. You can test the socket works using another appliance.

    Check all the switches on the front of the machine are turned on and are set to the correct setting as shown here

    If everything is switched on correctly, and the socket is working, please call for further support.


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